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Welcome to Dan Spence Refrigeration Ltd Website!

Due to many delinquent accounts, we had to create an invoicing and billing policy. This can be found HERE.

All labor is time driving to the site plus hours worked on-site. Overtime is applied after the regular 8 hours are worked. Weekends are also considered over-time.    We are a mobile company that services stores in parts of Newfoundland and occasionally outside of Newfoundland. 

Labour: $79  

Mileage:  65 cents per kilometer and is based on round-trip .  Click here to view the distance database.


Additional Notes:

  • Financing is available.
  • We accept various types of payment methods.
  • Quotes are offered for a part or job.  Please use our form located in the Contact section or simply click here
  • It is impossible for us to post a price list because prices are always changing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


*** Please kindly note: All pricing is subject to HST ***