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Welcome to Dan Spence Refrigeration Ltd Website!

All labor is time driving to the site plus hours worked on-site.  We are a mobile company that services stores in parts of Newfoundland and occasionally outside of Newfoundland.

Labour: $79  

Mileage:  65 cents per kilometer and is based on round-trip .  Click here to view the distance database.

Overtime is applied once 8 hours are worked. Weekends are also considered over-time.  

Additional Notes:

  • Financing is available  
  • We accept various types of payment methods.
  • Quotes are offered for a part or job.  Please use our form located in the Contact section or simply click here
  • It is impossible for us to post a price list because prices are always changing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


*** Please kindly note: All pricing is subject to HST ***